General overview of both operations

  • Specialists in various paints, coatings and fnishes.
  • All types of coatings currently being carried out for the rail industry, air craft industry, water boards and steel works.
  • Collection and delivery service available.
  • All jobs carried out exactly to customer’s specifcation and requirements.
  • Effcient completion and turnaround with outstanding results.
  • Skilled, professional and experienced workforce

Riverside Park Premises

  • Shot blasting
  • Bead blasting
  • Powder coating
  • Paint spraying
  • X2 spray booths
  • X2 blast rooms (1 for shot and 1 for bead)
  • X1 powder coating ovens
  • 5 tonne overhead crane

Sandown Road Premises

  • Specialist custom fnish spray painting
  • Specialist fbre glass technicians
  • Specialist vehicle builders
  • X2 spray booths
  • Fibre glass dust extraction equipment
  • Controlled atmosphere

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