Dedicated Site Services

Millenium Site Services are specialists in painting the interiors and exteriors of trains and trams.

We have completed jobs from 1 off units to contracts of 120 vehicles for Midland Mainline. By understanding our customers needs we have been able to devise a specialist paint system, especially for the painting of trains and trams. This system has produced outstanding results and is also friendly to the environment. The system enables us to spray both the interior and the exterior of trains and trams at depot level or in sidings.

We fully repair and refurbish both the interiors and the exteriors of trains, trams and busses. Some examples are;

  • Maintrain HST buffet car refurbishment – renew floor, build in modifcations, refurbishment of saloon and lobby ends, strip kitchen, re-ft back bar
  • Repaired corner doors and ftted new corner doors and trained Bombardiers employee’s in repair for HST Bombardier vehicles
  • Great Western refurbishment – refurbished toilet partions, renewed damaged plastic, removed corroded metal work and ftted new, repaired damaged fbre glass, repair and renew partition plastic in situ
  • East Midlands Trains – Meridian Refurbishment – Full interior and exterior refurbishment including, seating, tables, grab handles, luggage racks, vestibules, toilets and floor to ceiling painting etc
  • Touch up repairs have been carried out for a number of our clients
  • Cab repainting

We have a proven method of application that has been assessed for Health and Safety and is environmentally approved by Derby City Council. The method uses hot air that is inserted into the train from one end and extracted from the other. When extracted this takes with it all fumes and any remaining paint particles. The exhausted air is then passed through flter boxes to clean the air and remove the pollution. This ensures that the whole operation only emits clean air into the atmosphere, protecting the environment. This method has been successfully used on Bombardier Transportations 156 vehicles and also on 143 vehicles for Great Western. This directly benefits the customer as there is no inconvenience and it is incredibly cost effective as it eliminates the need to move the vehicles or have them standing whilst the job is completed.

We simply go to wherever the vehicles are and refurbish them there.


Exterior Refurbishment

Cab Repair

These images are of a repair carried out on a cab - turnaround time of 1-3 days.

Spray System

These images show another spray system we use so we can paint the exterior of the vehicles on-site and this is all tented out so we do not contaminate the area and depot staff can continue to work in the area alongside the tenting. This is an interior and exterior refurbishment.

Train Interior
Full refurbishment of First Great Western on behalf of Bombardier



Toilet Before
Before full refurbishment of toilet cubicle of First Great Western on behalf of Bombardier



Toilet After
Completed full refurbishment of toilet cubicle of First Great Western on behalf of Bombardier




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