Specialist Services

Bespoke Projects To Meet Your Needs

With specialisations in everything from repair to painting, blasting and coating, we are perfectly placed to create a solution that works for you. No matter the vehicle or sector, we have the means to carry out your project to exacting standards and specifications.


Millenium Site Services have a range of options to add versatility to your needs. First and foremost, we have access to a wide range of paints, coatings and finishes. This means we can deal with any project, whether a simple paint job or a full repair and finish.

Our facilities are second to none and we boast a large number of modern workshops. This allows us to work on several projects at once, speeding up the process and allowing you to get back on track sooner rather than later.

If getting to shop is a concern, we have a fleet of mobile units ready and waiting to meet your exacting needs. Perfectly suited to the rail industry, this service saves millions as carriages and cars can be repaired and painted on site and in sidings.

Whatever your needs, our specialist service is perfectly suited. Contact us today and find how we can turn your project around quickly and effectively.

Behind the Scenes

Scroll through the images below to see how this incredible process works.

Before repair