Fibre Glass Repair


Precision Repairs in a Flash

Millenium has a large team of specialist vehicle builders and fibreglass technicians ready to mobilise whenever duty calls. Capable of complete repairs onsite or in our bespoke warehouse, we are perfectly placed to deal with all fibre glass demands. This means you save money with no need to pull vehicles or projects off track.


Fibre glass repair is used across several sectors and vehicles, from train carriages to cars and everything in between. At Millenium Site Services we specialise in overnight repairs that ensure your vehicles are repaired and ready to go when the sun comes up. Our team works tirelessly to:

  • Remove damaged components
  • Repair and rebuild components
  • Plate and fasten in position
  • Shape and profile fibreglass
  • Prime and paint surfaces

Each and every operation is treated with the utmost care to ensure the structural integrity of your vehicle. This work ethic combined with our highly trained teams makes us the premier supplier of fibre glass repair.

To keep up with this demand we are only as good as our suppliers and we maintain these relationships to ensure we have the part or paint for every job.

For more information or to get a team mobilised quickly, contact us today and we’ll get your business and bottomline moving in no time.

Behind the Scenes

Scroll through the images below to see how we work our magic.