Bead Blasting

Precision Blasting Designed To Protect Surfaces

Bead blasting uses glass beads to remove surface deposits such as fungus, paint and calcium. Glass beads are less abrasive than other blasting methods and ensures you have your applications primed to perfection.


Abrasive blasting is an effective way of preparing surfaces for coats or paints. Faster and more efficient than traditional methods, bead blasting removes a wide range of imperfections, from organic substances like fungus to man-made substances like paint. This gentle form of blasting doesn’t damage the base layer and is less abrasive than the likes of sand. While more gentle than other blasting techniques, bead blasting is just as effective and can even remove rust from metal components.

The premises are equipped with several blasting rooms and a 5-tonne forktruck with experienced forklift operatives. This ensures we can meet any and all demands without components backing up. The 5 Tonne Forktruck also gives us the freedom to handle larger projects, ensuring maximum efficiency under one roof.

At Millenium Site Services, our skilled teams have years of experience preparing, painting, coating and sealing components. With an advanced workshop and several fully-kitted mobile units, we are ready and waiting to help you get back on track. To find out more about our blasting process, or to make an enquiry contact us now.

Behind the Scenes

Scroll through the images below to see how we work our magic.

Bead blasting example before
Bead blasting example after