Fibre Glass Repair

Millenium Site Services operate specialist vehicle builders and fbre glass technicians.

Millenium Site Services enables you to save money by not having to pull vehicles off the track and have them standing idle during the day. The overnight repairs ensure that the vehicles’ are completed and ready to go back into work for the next morning. Not only does this keep the vehicles in a pristine condition, it controls costs by ensuring that there is no loss of hours on the track. Our vehicle builders and fbre glass technicians are experienced and fully trained to the highest standard.

  • Millenium have a current account which involves the overnight fbre glass repair of any vehicle in London Midland rolling stock.
  • Rail care fbre glass repair – Crash damaged cab – cut out damage, plate and rebuild damaged front, repair broken components, plate and fasten in position, fbre glass and shape to profle, reft removable’s (panels and covers), primed and painted


These images show a fiberglass repair throughout completion.

Damaged valance for London Midland



Repair work completed of valance for London Midland




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